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Ideal loan for families

Ideal loan for families

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A loan despite parental allowance is not as easy to obtain as it would be for parents. First, the state is calling on young couples to plan their lives with children. The additional credit requirement was not considered for parental allowance. The article provides more information on the possibilities of obtaining a loan with parental allowance.

Credit despite parental allowance – why is it so difficult?

Credit despite parental allowance - why is it so difficult?

Anyone who is annoyed about their credit opportunities with parental allowance has every reason to do so. A growing need for credit is being caused by young people. Nobody would wish to re-equip a children’s room unless the youngsters made this measure necessary. The family man is only happy to exchange his sporty speedster for the caravan, so that the family has a comfortable time. The desire for a loan despite parental allowance has nothing to do with senseless purchases.

Young families take on the responsibility that is particularly urgent for a country with an aging population. The parental allowance is unfortunately not designed for the majority of those receiving it. When restructuring from child-raising allowance to parental allowance, only a small group of people was considered. Academic families should be able to afford to have children without too painful financial losses. For parents with whom both partners have embarked on an academic career, a loan is also not a problem during parental leave.

The model, when drafting the law, probably preserves the life stories of the politicians responsible at the time. The income of the working partner, in the higher career, easily exceeds the seizure allowance. For example, Frau von der Leyen, daughter of a former prime minister, is a doctor herself and married to a professor. Her successor has a state secretary for her husband. From this position of financial security, the idea of ​​a small loan for the initial equipment naturally does not matter.

Parental allowance is paid as income compensation, but it is not eligible for credit. Instead, the increased seizure limits come into effect. The loan, despite parental allowance, is moving far away, especially for those who are dependent on a “financial injection”.

Realistic credit options despite parental allowance

Realistic credit options despite parental allowance

For a bank, it doesn’t matter what someone takes out a loan for. The decisive factor for the loan is sufficient security of repayment ability. The attachable portion of income is decisive for credit security. The lender can only access this money in an emergency. Statistics show that nobody gives up their job just because they are seized. Access to this money is relatively secure.

Due to the changed living conditions, the seizure allowance for the remaining sole earner rises. In order to obtain a normal loan from any credit institution, it is therefore essential to guarantee credit security. If this does not go beyond the income from work, a solvent guarantor can avert the impending credit crunch. With his creditworthiness he is liable for the loan despite parental allowance.

He does not have to worry about actual solvency. The parental allowance is not attachable, but it does exist and can be used to repay the loan. Valuable property collateral is an alternative to guarantor. If a valuable asset or a long-term savings contract is pledged for the loan, credit can also be granted. Another fair chance of getting credit while on parental leave is credit without the bank.

Personal loan despite parental allowance

Personal loan despite parental allowance

Anyone who only complains about the dollar crisis has not been in a credit crunch for a long time. Lending by commercial lenders has faced ever increasing hurdles. Many people do not get a loan, completely without their own fault. In addition to additional regulations, the financial crisis has also led to the devaluation of savings. A normal savings book has long since ceased to compensate for inflation. Devaluation of savings and, on the other hand, problems getting a loan at all have made a business idea socially acceptable. The loan from private donors offers a win-win situation.


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