Loan without a certificate of employment


The desire for a loan without a certificate of employment is an extremely problematic loan request. Without a work certificate there is no income. There is no entitlement to wages, and wage replacement benefits cannot be approved. The contribution deals with how a loan is possible despite the difficult starting situation.

Credit without a certificate of employment – the starting point

Credit without a certificate of employment - the starting point

The desire for a loan without a certificate of employment is extremely difficult to fulfill. After the employer has given notice of termination, the employment relationship has ended, he is obliged to issue a certificate of employment. If he does not meet this obligation, it will be difficult. Without this certificate the entitlement to unemployment benefit cannot be checked. A “financial vacuum” is created for those affected. No income is required from the previous employer. The employment relationship has ended. Nevertheless, the application for unemployment benefit cannot be processed because there are no documents determining the application.

The employment certificate summarizes all the facts that are necessary to decide whether you are entitled to unemployment benefit at all. First of all, it is important to inform the employment agency of the employer’s refusal. Only the employment agency can take steps against the former employer.

Loan opportunities to secure a living

Loan opportunities to secure a living

A loan request in this acute emergency must be decided and paid out very quickly. Without income and without a compensatory wage replacement benefit, your livelihood is otherwise at risk. The first point of contact for a short-term bridging is the house bank. It could intervene, at least through a short-term approved overdraft of the account, beyond the overdraft facility. It is not easy for the loan officer to fulfill the request.

If you have no income, you cannot pay back. If the house bank refuses, a solvent guarantor could help in an emergency. If he vouches for the overdraft, the risk for the credit institution is limited. If no guarantor can be asked for help, property collateral remains as a way of securing the additional overdraft. If this way is not possible either, only state aid or social institutions remain as a way out.

Emergency loan for the needy

Emergency loan for the needy

If neither the employment agency nor the credit institution holding the account helps, other public bodies should be contacted. The social welfare office could step in with a loan without a certificate of employment. Other alternatives are social organizations and the churches. It is important to demonstrate the need to the providers.

If these sources have also been exhausted, the only thing left is the pawnshop for the request for a loan without a certificate of employment. Only the value of the pledge is decisive for the credit valuation at the pawnshop. In this acute emergency situation, the immediate cash payment from the pawnshop is advantageous.

This means that at least a few days can be bridged until the former employer has fulfilled his obligation and has submitted the certificate of employment. If this is the case, an advance can be requested from the employment agency, taking into account the fact that there is no fault of its own.

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