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If you want to take out a loan, you have to adhere to the requirements of the banks. This is because they attach very firm conditions to lending, which not every borrower can meet straight away. It is the creditworthiness that stands in the foreground and decides whether and how a loan can be granted.

It has to reach a certain level in order to be able to accept a loan at all. You can reach a particularly high level if you can prove a high income and a secure employment contract. Unfortunately, a secure and firm employment contract is no longer a matter of course these days. More and more consumers have to make do with temporary contracts or are employed by temporary employment agencies whose contracts are also not considered to be secure and firm. So how do you take out a permanent loan without having to use dubious offers?

The possibilities with serious offers

The possibilities with serious offers

Even if a loan without permanent employment does not look at first glance as if you could take it out with a classic bank or savings bank, there are still some possibilities that can lead to such a loan.

The best way to get a permanent loan is to look for a co-applicant. If he has a permanent position, he should act as the main borrower for the bank. It will then include it in the loan calculations and build the loan based on its information and requirements. The borrower who has no permanent position takes second place and secures the loan.

If you cannot name a second borrower, you will have little chance of getting a loan without a permanent position. At least not if you are looking for an installment loan. If, on the other hand, you want a consumer loan that is earmarked and that can be taken up by trading companies, the chances are much better again. The retail companies are less interested in the employment relationship. The only thing that is important for them is that the income per month is so high that the installments can be paid on time and without any deductions. If you do not have a guarantor or a second borrower, this is the cheapest option to drive with this loan option.

Attention should be paid to this

Attention should be paid to this

For a loan, you should always first contact one of the well-known banks and savings banks. If they reject the loan application because of poor creditworthiness, you can be sure that there is hardly any other way of getting a loan. So it is not worth hoping for “gifts” from credit intermediaries or the like.

Even if they like to promise a loan that is also given under unfavorable conditions, they cannot do magic or persuade the credit institutions to do anything. As a borrower, you not only lose time here, but also money, because the intermediaries always charge an agency fee, which must be paid even if no loan has been obtained at all.

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